What is the teacher to child ratio?

We know that the more personal attention your child gets, the more they are able to grow. We want your child to get the attention they need. At the Vineyard School, we are proud to provide double the amount of adults that the state requires per age group.

What is the maximum amount of kids per class?

We will cap each classroom to 15 students.

Are there cameras?

Yes. Each classroom has cameras that are constantly recording throughout the day. Although there is no live-stream capability, parents can feel free to request playback of footage of their child's day.

Is the food healthy?

All of our lunches and snacks are organic, non-GMO, and nut-free.

Is this a new school?

Yes! This facility is newly renovated. We've maintained a very energy-efficient and sanitary environment. We have indoor shoes that we provide each student, so we can make sure we are as germ-free as possible!